Portait von Tim Edelbauer und Valentin Schuster

Luminare is a
based in
Vienna, Austria.


Music video, 2023

„Breath“ is the debut single by „fanschko“, an Austrian singer & songwriter. The song is about the loss of her partner and how she has to continue living without him. She feels inner emptiness, loneliness, and disorientation.

The music video was produced by the Luminare team as a no-budget production within 6 months. We also took care of the release and promotion, as well as creating appropriate social media short form content.


Rebranding, 2023

Lernpraxis Wien underwent a rebranding from Luminare, which included web design and development, graphic design for logos and print materials.

Together with the owner, a concept for the rebranding was developed and implemented. We addressed their wishes and ideas and sparked new ones through creative brainstorming. In conclusion, we have created a new visitor experience and simplified the information gathering process.

Valentin Schuster

Color Grading, Motion Graphics, Cutting

Valentin Schuster

Tim Edelbauer

Art direction, Cinematography, Design

Tim Edelbauer

Web development

Luminare is a multimedia collective established by a team of three creative students from Vienna, Austria. Our team is passionate about developing unique and captivating multimedia experiences in the fields of film and motion picture production, digital animation, web design and development, and graphic design. Our goal is to engage and inspire audiences of small creators and companies.

The team brings together a diverse range of skills and experience, creating a powerful multimedia ensemble. We are constantly seeking new and innovative methods to push the boundaries of our craft. Whether we’re creating a visually stunning short film project or designing a cutting-edge website, we always strive to deliver exceptional content and creativity in everything we do.